Corporate Video Platform
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Why video?
Consumer internet video traffic will be 82% of all internet traffic globally by 2022.
Videos create highly personalized connection with audience - best way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas, anytime and on any device.
Business and social entities start thinking like a media company producing video to support the buying process or engage the audience.
Effective search engine optimization (SEO) and improving rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) is not anymore possible without incorporating videos on web-page due to the ability of video to increase average time on page.
Your corporate video strategy
Standing for the long-term video strategy: addressing sticking-points
Enjoy your videos journey through the net, but take care it has a home to come back and bring attention of your audience safe and full so you could successfully convert it.

Social networks are flooded with video, it requires more efforts to keep your video inventories manageable, targeted and effective.

Aggregating, distributing, protecting and monetizing content becomes a challenge when quantity of videos increases. Soaring projects soon come to the need to break down silos or move content from one siloed technology environment to another.

A single source of truth
Standing for the long-term video strategy: addressing sticking-points
Available options: dive in the OTT business or just surf the web
Hardware or cloud residence or hybrid – up to you
Videos shipment now is connected to a single platform as you manage your media production end to end
Start with videos and their associated metadata to be organized with our form constructor as comprehensively relating to details as your business demands
Artificial intelligence based on machine learning undertakes much of routings by launching recommendation engine to make the user experience better
Launching your own corporate video portal have never been so easy
Telebreeze Video Cloud
Designed for the preparation, management and delivery of media content across multiple platforms
Video Portal
Web-based video portal.
Video Library
Publish and manage sports content via single platform.
Multi-level security plus role distribution by administrators.
In-app store
In-app shop allows targeted offerings of any goods to subscribers: branded sportswear, accessories, match tickets.
Social Networks
User authorization via social networks, sharing content via social networks.
AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, Pay per View, ad insertion.
We did our video cloud platform combining experience in OTT/IPTV successful projects all-over the world, specific skills and competence in telco, media and internet areas. All this we are happy to share with our customers.
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