Automatic Content preparation

Pre-integrated video processing for adaptive multi-bitrate streaming.
Our software is resposible for VoD content preparation, performs the transcoding of video archive, preparing movies for adaptive streaming across OTT devices. Transcoding is performed automatically, along with adding new content to video archive. Operators can set different transcoding profiles for different content types and folders.
Adaptive Bitrate Preparation
With adaptive bitrate streaming technology, your Telebreeze Cloud prepares several streams with different bitrates and/or resolutions for each broadcast. A player application on a user side requests, receives, and playbacks a stream that is optimal in the current situation. A player requests a stream depending on the following information:

• Player buffer size
• Internet speed
• Screen size and resolution
• CPU loading

The client application switches between streaming the different encodings depending on the above factors. As a result, users get smooth video with no buffering even when the Internet connection is rather slow. For the implementation of adaptive streaming, Telebreeze uses HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol. The software on the basis of HLS protocol segment transport stream into small files (chunks), available for further downloading over HTTP. The stream can be continuous and, in theory, unlimited. At the beginning of the session, a player application downloads an M3U playlist that contains the metadata of included streams.