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The future of sports video is here
The prospect of engaging sports and esports fans with video experiences has never been more exciting. The sports entertainment market continues to command big audiences and, with them, big business. Here are some impressive figures from 2018:
1.85 bllllon streaming minutes for the PyeongChang Olympics on NBC Sports Digital.
$2.6 bllllon for India's Cricket Premier League matches 5-year TV and streaming rights
65% Increase in NFL game streaming.
66.8 mllllon match requests, Including live and on demand, on the BBC Sport website and Player
$6.2 bllllon for the English Premier League soccer domestic TV and broadcast rights
90% US sports fans willing to pay for sports programming
Launching your own sports video streaming service have never been so easy
Telebreeze Video Cloud
Designed for the preparation, management and delivery of media content across multiple platforms
Video Library
Publish and manage sports content via single platform.
TV channels
Live TV with catch up, time shift and EPG features.
Live Events
A powerful platform for streaming and monetizing live sport events
In-app store
In-app shop allows targeted offerings of any goods to subscribers: branded sportswear, accessories, match tickets.
Social Networks
User authorization via social networks, sharing content via social networks.
AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, Pay per View, ad insertion.
Fancy and Friendly User Interface
63% Will Pay for All-Sports Over-the-Top Subscription Channel
Reach your audience. Generate new revenue streams by offering exclusive content to fans' devices directly.
Earn more money implementing different strategies: Subscriptions, AVoD, SVoD, TVoD models, Pay per View.
We did our video cloud platform combining experience in OTT/IPTV successful projects all-over the world, specific skills and competence in telco, media and internet areas. All this we are happy to share with our customers.

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